Check out this video of Bear Hunting Magazine publisher, Clay Newcomb, as he completes a multi-year quest for a giant Oklahoma bear he named Batman. The bear had big curled ears that looked like the super hero. This bear has been on the property since Clay started hunting it in 2014, and he's gotten pictures of it almost every year since. However, he's never laid eyes on the giant Oklahoma black bear hunt until October 1st, 2018 when he killed the 550-pound bear with his Mathews Halon bow. These hunts involve a tremendous amount of work and are more involved than any type of hunting Clay does. Hunting over bait is a challenge, especially when you're hunting older age class boars. Bear hunting is conservation and we need to activate a lot more guys going out to control North America's burgeoning black bear population. Whatever is happening ecologically on this continent seems to be very beneficial to black bears.

In this video you'll see some great cinematic story telling, but also learn about the way these guy hunt in the mid-west. The Bear Hunting Magazine Youtube channel has had over 6.9 million views since September 2017 when we released a viral video of Clay Newcomb's bear hunting in Saskatchewan. Since then we've been producing a lot of videos. People can't get enough of them, and we're working hard to produce more bear hunting content.