There are over 1.2 million bear hunting enthusiasts in North America. Bear Hunting Magazine - The Bear Hunting Authority is the only national media outlet to cover this great sport exclusively. Our extreme hunting audience turns to us for where-to and how-to information that they cannot find anywhere else! How extreme is our audience? Thirty-two percent of them participate in more than one bear hunting season per year, and 72% plan to travel outside of their state to hunt bear within the next two years. We are the experts at helping introduce products and services to North America’s bear hunters. From hunting grizzlies in Alaska in April to hound hunting for black bear in Virginia in December, we cover it all. Our bi-monthly magazine’s editorial highlights include:

  • Trophy Bear stories
  • Hunting Travel Destinations
  • How-to articles
  • Reader-submitted hunting stories
  • Archery, Guns, Optics and Muzzle loading reviews
  • Hounds, bait, predator calling and spot and stalk hunting methods
  • Gadgets and Gear for the Bear Hunter
  • And much, much more!

"Why should you advertise with us? Because our readers hunt bear year-round and spend over $150 million annually on this great sport. Our ongoing market research helps us specialize in connecting with them."

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