Not for the Faint of Heart

May-June 2012

Thrill of the Chase

March-April 2012

Factors that Change the Race

Jan/Feb 2012

The Quest For A Color Phase Bear

January-February 2012

Half Foot with a Broadhead

May/June 2011

Bear Vision - Eyes Optimized for Survival

January-February 2011

Wait for the Smoke to Clear

Nov-Dec 2010

Teasing A Bear’s Sniffer

Mar/Apr 2010

Adrenaline Rush

May-June 2009

How to Butcher your own Bear

May-June 2009

Interpreting Trail Camera Photos

Mar/Apr 2009

Bruins of Manitoba’s North Country

January-February 2008

Acorns & Bears

November-December 2007

Fishin' for Bear

September-October 2007

Black Bear Hunting Gear

July-August 2007

Murphy’s Siesta

May-June 2007

Diary of a Bear Hunt

March-April 2007

The Symphony of the Hounds

January-February 2007

Swimming with Grizz’

November-December 2006

Hounds or Bait

September-October 2006

How to be a Good... or GREAT Client!

May-June 2006

Tips for Archery Hunting in the Southwest

March-April 2006

Awesome Pups

January-February 2006

Location, Location, Location

July-August 2005

Tips on Starting your Dogs

July-August 2005

The Bear that Won't Die

May-June 2003