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Video Blog Nov 10th, 2014: Congratulations from BHM to Mainers on the massive victory in defeating the Bear Referendum. Learn about incrementalism and how your state can be protected against the HSUS in the future.
Admiralty Island in SE Alaska is known to the Tlingit native people as Kootznoowoo or the “Fortress of the Bear”. This 5.7-million-acre Federal wilderness area has the highest concentration of brown bears in the world, about 1.6 animals per square mile. But in 2014 many streams that normally hold spawning salmon are barren so bears are concentrated on the streams that do have fish. This account describes a 2-mile hike up Chiak River (Shy-eek) that I did on the west coast of Admiralty.
The Humane Society of United States (HSUS) has an overall agenda to stop all types of sport hunting in North America. The HSUS is responsible for putting the bear referendum on the ballot in Maine. This wasn’t an “in-state” generated movement, but rather
People don’t realize the drama that an Arkie/Okie bear hunter goes through during the approaching days before season. In the fall, these bears can be real shysters and will leave you without a day’s warning. During this time we become like paranoid