December 2017

Date Title
12/30/17 468 brown bear paws seized en route to China
12/30/17 New Hampshire bear and wild turkeys elusive this hunting season
12/27/17 Persistent hunter gets a chance at a 545-pound black bear
12/21/17 Bear euthanized after two attacks near Isabella
12/20/17 Black Bear Attacks & Injures 3 Men In Northern Minnesota
12/18/17 British Columbia Bans Bear Hunting

October 2017

Date Title
10/13/17 Hunter shoots 700-plus-pound bear in northwest Minnesota
10/10/17 Ten-Year-Old Gains Social Media Attention After Harvesting Black Bear
10/9/17 Bear Attacks, Kills Family’s Prize Rabbits Three Times

August 2017

Date Title
8/28/17 Man Fined for Scaring Polar Bear in Arctic Norway
8/26/17 Alaska hunting guide charged with herding grizzly bears to clients
8/25/17 Calgary man mauled by bear near Sundre was scouting for sheep
8/16/17 Grizzly hunt to end in British Columbia
8/8/17 Bear attacks jogger in Idaho
8/4/17 Family films mama bear's deer hunt in Colorado backyard (Video)
8/3/17 The true story of two fatal grizzly bear attacks that changed our relationship with wildlife

July 2017

Date Title
7/31/17 Georgia bear hunting season expansion
7/24/17 Brown bear scares sheep over cliff
7/15/17 Bear attacks sleeping camper in Boulder County
7/15/17 Black bear boom in Michigan cheered by hunters, but it's trouble for beekeepers
7/10/17 Saskatchewan sets new cougar, bear trapping seasons
7/8/17 'Shoo, bear:' Colorado woman's close encounter with a bear in her garage goes viral
7/8/17 Bear Cubs Hitch a Ride on Their Mom Across a Lake
7/4/17 11y.o. boy saves fishing party from charging bear
7/3/17 Brown bear mauls cyclist