Kentucky Looking At Hound Hunting Proposal

Kentucky Dept. Fish & Wildlife, Bear Hunting Magazine

The Kentucky Fish and Wildlife Commission are looking at a proposal that could establish a six-week training season beginning in August for hunters to chase bears with hounds and then a limited hunting season in December where hunters could shoot bears that their dogs bay.

The Kentucky Houndsmen Association stated that the proposal will not only provide hunters with more opportunities but will also instill a fear of people in some of the more brazen bruins that have moved into the state's mountain region.

The Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife will be holding nine town hall meetings begin February 13th in Lexington for the public to discuss various programs, provide updates and discuss issues of interest to hunters, anglers, trappers, boaters and other wildlife/outdoor enthusiasts. The commission member representing the district will also attend the meeting. For more information about the meetings, head to the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources website at

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