MT Looking For Grizzly Proof In Bitterroot

Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks Dept., Bear Hunting Magazine

During a meeting last week within the Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks Department, discussion was held on the rumors of grizzly bear sightings last year in the Ambrose Saddle of the Sapphire Mountains. The state's local wildlife biologist told them that he had heard the same thing, but had no definitive proof.

Biologists are not surprised by this news as they have been getting reports of them walking over Rock Creek and points east with more and more bears working their way into western Montana. Sightings have also been reported seeing them in upper East Fork and upper Trapper Creek as well.

As of right now, they do not have anything to verify the sightings, but are hoping this spring, when bears start to move again, the public will pack their cameras and plastic bags to document any sign that would prove grizzly bears have moved into the area. For the Montana FWP to verify a grizzly, they either need a hair sample for DNA testing or a good photograph of tracks.

The Montana FWP have documented grizzly bears around Ovando, Elliston, Avon, Garrison and Drummond over the past few years.

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