Bears Still Being Seen This Winter

Various DNR Websites , Bear Hunting Magazine

Bears sightings have continued throughout this winter, with one walking through a St. Paul, Minnesota neighborhood to one raiding an Alaska grocery store. This is a round up of two more sightings from the past week.

First, police found and shot a black bear last week in Valdosta, Georgia. Residents called police to report the sighting and when they responded to the scene, the animal was spotted in a tree behind the American Legion. When the bear started down the tree, it began behaving aggressively, so it was then shot. Rangers from the Georgia DNR removed the bear from the scene.

The second was in Wood County, Wisconsin where drivers saw a pair of eyes glowing at them on the side of the road while driving at night. They stopped to investigate and found a black bear hibernating inside of a drainage tunnel.

As most know, bears to not fall asleep totally when hibernating and are light sleepers, but it must have decided its spot in the tunnel was too comfortable to get up from as it has stayed in there awaiting spring.

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