More Than Just Bears Damaging Property

Nevada Dept. of Wildlife (NDOW), Bear Hunting Magazine

Some residents in the Lake Tahoe, Nevada area have been very vocal in their displeasure with last year's bear hunt that took place. This may have now carried over into illegally damaging state property as a result of recent complaints of bears damaging personal property, including the sides of homes and vehicles.

Nevada state wildlife and sheriff officials are investigating incidents regarding alleged equipment tampering and threatening phone calls made in an apparent response to the NDOW placement of a baited black bear trap in a Lake Tahoe neighborhood.

After reports of multiple property damage issues from bears that had torn siding off a home and broken into unlocked vehicles, a NDOW game warden set a trap over the weekend. On Monday, reports indicate a mother bear and her two cubs were likely causing the damage.

“Wandering around is one thing, but when there is real damage, then these bears have to be considered extremely dangerous to human beings,” stated a warden. “The person who made the phone call was concerned with their safety and was correct to do so.”

The trap that was baited to lure the bears was illegally tampered with since it was set up over the weekend. The NDOW is unsure yet who did the damage, but were quoted as saying that the state would build a case against the person(s) who did it as they illegally damaged state property.

Early this week, a resident in the neighborhood where the trap was set filed a complaint with the county sheriff's office regarding a series of threatening phone calls they stated they received since the weekend from other area residents accusing them of trying to get NDOW to kill the bears. The resident, whose car was one of those broken into, stated that they had also seen people driving up and down their road suspiciously. A sheriff's deputy confirmed that their office is investigating possible threatening calls.

The bears at this point have yet to be captured.

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