New York Releases 2011 Bear Harvest

New York DEC, Bear Hunting Magazine

Bear hunters in New York harvested 1,250 bears during the 2011 hunting seasons. According to the New York DEC this is a new record for the state bear harvest. Outside of the Adirondack region the bear harvest set new records exceeding previous records in the central and western areas of New York. While the number of bears taken in the Adirondack region dropped.

Hunters in southeastern New York harvested 630 bears in 2011, beating the 2008 record of 520 bears. This was due in part to a new rule that expanded bear hunting in the eastern part of the state that included all or portions of seven new counties from Rockland and Westchester north to Washington. Hunters took 50 bears from this new area, including 18 in Washington, 11 in Rensselaer, ten in Columbia, seven in Dutchess, two in Putnam and two in Rockland County.

In central and western New York, the harvest of 353 bears surpassed the 2008 record of 193 bears. This was due in large part to a regulation change that moved the regular bear season opening day up one week to coincide with the start of the regular deer season.

In the Adirondacks, the bear harvest was below the five-year average during each of the seasons. Rates in the Adirondacks typically drop in the early season during years of abundant soft mast (cherries, raspberries and apples), while the harvest will increase during the regular season in years with abundant beech nuts.

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