Kentucky Houndsmen Can Chase, But Not Shoot

Kentucky Dept. Fish & Wildlife, Bear Hunting Magazine

Bear hunters in Kentucky will be allowed to chase black bears with dogs this year from December 17-23, but they will not be allowed to shoot them after they are treed.

The Kentucky Fish and Wildlife Commission rejected a proposal today to allow houndsmen to harvest bears when their dogs chase them up trees or bay them on the ground. Hunters are allowed to shoot bears during a three-day season in December if they are not using hounds. The commission stated that this compromise lets the hunters train their dogs so they can take them to neighboring states to hunt bears.

The wildlife commission voted down a another proposal to allow houndsmen to chase bears in August after the Human Society complained that could put young cubs at risk.

State Rep. Tommy Turner, co-chairman of the House Sportsmen's Caucus, stated that he was shocked by the commission's vote after being assured members were going to approve the August chase season and the December harvest season for the houndsmen.

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