UPDATE: MN Raises Bear License Price

MN DNR, Bear Hunting Magazine

Gov. Mark Dayton signed a bill today to boost a range of fees with the money going to bolster wildlife resource management. The fee hikes were sought by a coalition of outdoors groups and supported by both parties in the Legislature. The state bear hunting license will now go from $38 to $44.

The fees were contained in a larger game and fish bill that also establishes an annual wolf hunt in Minnesota, subject to a state-set quota.

In the face of going in the red before the end of 2012, the Minnesota DNR is looking at increasing many of their licenses. The Minnesota DNR has not increased its hunting and fishing license fees since 2001 which is the longest period of time without a fee increase in more than 40 years.

What this means is that if the Minnesota state legislature does not approve the DNR's proposed license fee increases during its 2012 session, DNR operations will be impacted on many levels.

With the proposed increases, bear hunting licenses would go from $38 to $44.

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