Brown Bear Season Open In Alaska GM Unit 4

Alaska DFG, Bear Hunting Magazine

Brown bear hunting season opened yesterday in Game Management Unit 4 with two registration hunts - RB088 and RB089.

Inside drainages (RB089) hunts close May 20th, while outside drainages (RB088) hunts close May 31st. For boundary clarifications please refer to the 2011-12 Hunting Regulations or GMU4 online maps.

Hunters may only harvest one brown bear every four regulatory years in Southeast, Alaska. All successful bear hunters must report to an Alaska DF&G office within ten days of the harvest and present their completed hunt report and unfrozen bear hide and skull to them for sealing within thirty days. Evidence of sex must remain naturally attached to the hide until it is sealed. Hunters who are unsuccessful or unable to hunt must report by close of business June 15th, 2012.

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