Florida Woman Bit By Bear At Dumpster

Florida Fish & Wildlife Division, Bear Hunting Magazine

In Seminole County, Florida, a woman was bit from behind by a black bear Friday morning near an apartment complex where a bear had been reported being seen at least fourteen times previously. The woman was walking her dog when the attack took place and Florida wildlife agents have since set traps for the bear hoping to be able to catch it.

Apparently, the woman and dog surprised the bear, who had a cub with it at the time, while it was dumpster diving apartment complex. The woman became terrified from seeing the bear, and fell over, at which time the bear bit her on her backside.

The woman was was taken to local hospital and later released after receiving treatment for the 5-inch wide bite mark.

Florida Fish and Wildlife officials stated that if they catch the bear, it will be put down, but have not released details as to what will happen to the cub if that happens. Generally, in the past, cubs have been caught and placed in some sort of care facility.

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