Kentucky Changes Hound Hunting Decision

Kentucky Dept. Fish & Wildlife, Bear Hunting Magazine

Kentucky hunters were victorious in persuading the Kentucky Fish and Wildlife Commission to unanimously support a proposal to allow six weeks to chase black bears with dogs, and included one week when the bears they find can be harvested.

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Commissioners had scrapped the harvesting proposal two weeks ago after pressure from anti-hunting organizations. But have now reversed the decision in a special meeting at the Department of Fish and Wildlife headquarters yesterday.

The regulation would restrict the chases to a 45,000-acre tract in Harlan County, a 43,000-acre tract in Bell County and a 20,000-acre tract in Letcher County. It also restricts the size of each hunting party to no more than five people and eight dogs.

The number of bears that could be shot by the houndsmen depends on how many bears are harvested during the regular December hunting season. The state allows a quota of ten bears to be taken by gun hunters, but they have never gotten that many. The houndsmen would be allowed to finish the quota. So, if gun hunters harvest four, as they did last year, the houndsmen could take up to six.

State Wildlife Director Karen Waldrop said houndsmen could shoot the bears between December 17 and December 21, 2012. The dates established for simply chasing the bears runs from August 1 to August 31 and from December 24 to December 28, 2012.

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