Hockey Player Takes Heat For Bear Hunt

Various Sources, Bear Hunting Magazine

David Booth, a player for the Vancouver Canucks professional hockey team is taking a lot of heat in the media for going on a legal bear hunt and harvesting an animal with a bow over bait. The hunt happened at the beginning of May near Hinton and was being filmed for part of an upcoming TV hunting show.

In a video posted to Youtube, Booth is seen in a tree stand, while a large black bear comes in to a bait barrel not far away. He is seen hitting the bear just behind its front leg with an arrow.

His hockey organization released a statement that they support the right of their employees to make individual choices and that big game hunting is a legal and sanctioned activity in Alberta with the proper permits, which Booth had.

After David Booth posted his photo with the bear on his Twitter account, the photo and video went viral and many anti-hunters have came out against his legal hunt. To follow and/or support David Booth on Twitter search for him @D_Booth7

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