Cali Man Accused of Trying to Sell Cubs

California Dept. Of Fish & Game, Bear Hunting Magazine

A California man is currently being investigated for allegedly trying to sell three black bear cubs after the California Department of Fish and Game officials found him at a gas station about a hour north of Sacramento trying to sell them. The cubs, which are around six months old and weighed about 11 pounds each, were taken to a facility that specializes in raising young wild animals.

The man told a local television station that the sow had stole food from his property on three consecutive nights. When she came back on the fourth night, the man alleges she attacked him, causing him to shoot it in self-defense. When the sow, who was injured, ran away, he stated he tried to save the orphaned cubs by placing them in a cage.

The man stated that he had called the California game office, who in turn told him to either kill the cubs or let them go. Based on the date of the incident, he kept the cubs for a couple of days before making the decision to sell them.

State game wardens tried to track the sow and did locate some blood, but were unable to locate the bear.

The cubs will be released into the wild this winter, when they are able to better take care of themselves. The man stated that was all he wanted to have done in the first place. At this time, no charges have been brought against him, but the investigation is still open.

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