Alaska Man Mauled By Brown Bear

AK Department Of Fish & Game, Bear Hunting Magazine

A brown bear mauled a 30 year-old Alaskan hiker about three miles from the trail head of the Bird Creek Trail south of Anchorage earlier this week.

The man had rounded a turn in the trail when he came face to face with a brown bear cub. The cub was scared by the encounter and ran away. This is when the sow attacked the man, who was wearing a backpack. The backpack was able to provide a bit of protection along with a set of ski poles he was carrying that he used to fend off the bear. He was also carrying pepper spray, but was unable to get it out in time to use.

The attack went on for awhile, but during a lull, the man managed to break away and climb about thirty feet up a nearby tree. From here the man called 911 on his cellphone. The sow did not leave the area right away, but but the time rescuers arrived, the bear had left the area.

Medics brought in a wheeled stretcher behind an ATV and treated the man who was then taken by helicopter to an area hospital. He was treated for a large wound on his lower back and many puncture wounds as well as scrapes and bruises to his head, neck and back. He has since been released.

The Alaska Department of Fish and Game plan to keep the Bird Creek Trail closed for a few days and the Penguin Creek Trail for up to a week.

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