Alberta Relocating More Grizzly Bears

Alberta News, Bear Hunting Magazine

Some environmental groups are finding issue with the way the Alberta government is handling problem grizzly bears in their province. The groups take issue with the number of grizzly bears being trapped and moved by wildlife officials in Alberta.

In 2009, 16 grizzly bears were trapped and moved. In 2010 the number was down to 13, but in 2011 the number shot up to 24.

The environmental groups feel, that since the species is considered threatened in Alberta, moving that number of bears would hurt their recovery efforts and is not finding the causes that are making the bears have human conflict problems in the area(s) involved.

In addition, five grizzlies have been killed in Alberta already this year from various causes; from vehicle collisions to self-defense.

An official in Alberta stated that relocations are the best way to deal with the problem. The government is not casually doing it and they would not move a bear unless there was fairly serious potential consequences or already damage that they've caused.

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