Update: Captured Montana Grizzlies Relocated

Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks Dept., Bear Hunting Magazine

Updated June 26, 2012:
State and federal wildlife officials have decided to relocate a female grizzly bear that was responsible for the recent deaths of 70 sheep on three ranches north of Great Falls.

The sow and cub will be moved to an area near Frozen Lake in the Whitefish Range near the border of British Columbia, which puts her and her young cub about 160 miles from the ranches.

Updated June 25, 2012:
Officials have captured the sow responsible for the sheep kills and is being held until a decision regarding euthanizing or relocation can be made by officials.

Original News Flash:
Montana state and federal wildlife officials are looking for a female grizzly bear responsible for killing 70 sheep at three ranches in the last two weeks. This is the most sheep the department has seen being preyed on in over thirty years. "This is very serious," Mike Hoggan of the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Wildlife Services stated. "It's doing this for fun."

Officials hope to locate the grizzly using a transmitter attached to her 32-pound cub's ear. The cub was captured and released June 10 after its mother killed 10 sheep.

Officials said early last week the sow killed 47 lambs, five ewes, five big rams and one ram lamb at a ranch near Conrad. The bear struck again Friday and killed two ewes at another ranch 48 miles northwest of Great Falls.

He said most of the sheep killed weren't protected by electric fences, mainly because grizzlies haven't been seen that far east in the state. But, grizzlies have been expanding east and showing up more often in areas where they haven't been seen in the past.

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