Bear Pulls Teenager Out Of Tree

Wyoming Game & Fish Department, Bear Hunting Magazine

A young man survived a bear attack and is recovering from several injuries to his feet after being pulled from a tree by a black bear early Saturday.

A Caribou-Targhee District Ranger stated that Forest Service law enforcement officers were doing routine patrols Friday night in Teton and Darby Canyon, reminding people to make sure their camp fires were extinguished when they went to sleep because of the high fire danger. An officer noticed a large fire in the Darby Canyon area and when he approached, he found they were minors, but had fled the scene and left the fire unattended.

The officer called the Teton County Wyoming Sheriff’s office for assistance in locating one of the minors who was not accounted for. Apparently, the teenager decided to walk home and chose to do so on the Aspen trail at night. This is when he bumped into a bear.

The young man likely surprised the bear in an area with heavy forest cover and low visibility. He then attempted to climb a tree to get away from the bear, but the bear was then able to get a hold of his foot and pull him from the tree to the ground. It was believed the bear then took off and hasn’t been seen since.

It is believed to be a black bear based on hair found at the scene and tracks. It looked like a bear had been digging and rolling rocks near the scene of the incident. The incident is still under investigation, but there are currently no plans to trap the bear.

Signs have been posted in the area warning visitors of bear activity, but there have been no trail closures.

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