Bears Find Backyard Chickens An Easy Meal

British Columbia Ministry of Natural Resources, Bear Hunting Magazine

British Columbia, among other areas across North America, are finding that backyard chickens are becoming a big problem as they draw bears close to people's homes.

Bear experts in the province have found that once a bear gets in a coop and has a feast, they have that taste for that free meal and tend to come back. Cases of bears breaking into backyard chicken coops are becoming all too common. Chicken coops now rival garbage as the top bear attractant in urban areas of British Columbia.

Officials state that the most effective way to keep bears away from backyard chickens is to install electric fencing. And in some urban areas, councils have put in bylaws that require fencing just for this reason.

But, British Columbia residents still are leaving garbage out when it's not collection day. Bylaw officers have been issuing warning letters but some still are not complying. The next step will be ticketing offenders for leaving garbage out.

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