MN DNR Forced to Kill Black Bear

MN DNR, Bear Hunting Magazine

A conservation officer with the Minnesota DNR shot and killed a black bear on Thursday near Ely. The officer was called when a bear entered a garage where children were present and would not leave. The residents called the DNR after they tried unsuccessfully to scare the bear out with an air horn among other things.

Two conservation officers arrived and attempted to get it to leave. After the bear refused to leave, the officer shot and killed it. They stated that the bear appeared to be used to humans, possibly through hand feeding.

The bear had been collared by a local research organization and officials there have been contacted. The DNR will examine the bear for diseases.

It is Minnesota DNR policy and state law that conservation officers or other law enforcement officials my kill nuisance bears if it is determined that the bear is a threat to public safety. They generally do not trap and relocated bears because the animals often return to the same area or create problems elsewhere.

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