Colorado Bear Has A Sweet Tooth

Colorado News, Bear Hunting Magazine

An Estes Park, Colorado candy shop was the place of a chocolate robbery by a black bear. When the owner came into the store in the morning, they found traces of candy on the ground and assumed some small animal made its way in overnight. It wasn't until they cleaned up and looked at surveillance video that the culprit was found to be a young black bear.

The video showed the bear opening the door to the shop because of a faulty lock that didn’t latch. The bear was able to slip its paw inside and open the door, then went about taking chocolate out of display cases.

After making its way through the store and having a snack of chocolate covered Rice Krispie Treats, peanut butter cups and a few other sweet items, the bear left. Since the original break-in and the lock being fixed, signs that the bear has been back have been seen with muddy bear footprints around the store.

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