California SB 1221 Suspended For Now

U.S. Sportsmen’s Alliance, Bear Hunting Magazine

Before a hearing room packed with opponents yesterday, the Assembly Appropriations Committee moved to place Senate Bill 1221 on “suspense.”

Bills are placed on suspense when the fiscal impact to the state is significant enough to warrant further consideration. Senate Bill 1221 that would ban the use of dogs in bear and bobcat hunting, would directly cost the state of California nearly half a million dollars in license and tag sales annually. This does not take into account the tens of millions in economic activity generated by hound hunters to rural communities each year.

“While it is a good sign that the bill was placed on suspense, the fight is definitely not over. The committee will make their final determination on SB 1221 by the end of next week,” said Evan Heusinkveld, USSA’s Director of State Services. “It’s critical that all California sportsmen contact members of the Appropriations committee TODAY and URGE them to ‘Keep SB 1221 on Suspense’. This bill will be devastating to California, its citizens and its wildlife.”

Take Action! California sportsmen must contact the following members TODAY in opposition to Senate Bill 1221. Ask them to “Keep SB 1221 on Suspense.”

Assembly Member Felipe Fuentes
Phone: 916-319-2039
FAX: 916-319-2139

Speaker John A. Perez
Phone: 916- 319-2046
FAX: 916-319-2146

Assembly Member Charles M. Calderon
Phone: 916-319-2058

Assembly Member Mike Gatto
Phone: 916-319-2043
FAX: 916-319-2143

Assembly Member Bob Blumenfield
Phone: 916-319-2040
FAX: 916-319-2140

Assembly Member Steven Bradford
Phone: 916-319-2051
FAX: 916-319-2151

Assembly Member Charles Calderon
Phone: 916-319-2058
FAX: 916-319-2158

Assembly Member Nora Campos
Phone: 916-319-2023
FAX: 916-319-2123

Assembly Member Mike Davis
Phone: 916-319-2048
FAX: 916-319-2148

Assembly Member Isadore Hall
Phone: 916-319-2052
FAX: 916-319-2152

Assembly Member Jerry Hill
Phone: 916-319-2019
FAX: 916-319-2119

Assembly Member Ricardo Lara
Phone: 916-319-2050
FAX: 916-319-2150

Assembly Member Holly Mitchell
Phone: 916-319-2047
FAX: 916-319-2147

Assembly Member Jose Solorio
Phone: 916-319-2069
FAX: 916-319-2169

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