UPDATE: Montana Reopens Campground

Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks Dept., Bear Hunting Magazine

Montana state wildlife officials have reopened the Russell Gates campground along Montana Highway 200 near Clearwater Junction after a problem black bear has been put down. Official say they removed a black bear that posed a human safety risk early Wednesday morning.

Original News Flash:

Montana wildlife officials shutdown the Russell Gates campground along Montana Highway 200, near Clearwater Junction because of a problem with a black bear in the area. The campground, along the Blackfoot River, is closed after a black bear was getting into campers' food at the site about a week ago. The FWP increased communication with campers to encourage bear awareness and the secure storage of food and attractants.

Unfortunately, despite their efforts, the bear has continued to frequent the campground for food, leading to the decision to close the campground while the bear is removed.

"We were hoping that our efforts of encouraging the public to keep clean campsites and store food where the bear couldn't get at it would motivate the bear to move through the area. Unfortunately, that wasn't the case and we decided closing the site and removing the bear was the best approach to ensure public safety." stated the Fishing Access Site Coordinator.

The site will remain open for boat launching and day use, but is closed to camping until the bear is captured and removed.

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