Western States In Middle Of Bear Epidemic?

Various Sources - State Websites, Bear Hunting Magazine

With what officials fear is a "bear epidemic" across many of the western states, bear sightings and reports of them breaking into homes and other types of property have increased in large numbers.

Take Aspen, Colorado for instance. In just this one town, police received 292 bear-related calls in August. That's a 668% increase from last year's 38 calls during the same time frame.

With the recent drought depriving them of their natural food sources, it is prompting them to venture into this city and many others. In Aspen, they have implemented trash protection policies to prevent as much property damage and trash looting by bears as possible. These procedures entail putting trash out at designated times and using bear resistant or bear proof containers.

Cooler weather is coming and bears are wanting to start bulking up for the winter. But, the drought conditions continue, so with this added into the equation, the bear problem out west may be about to get worse.

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