Romania Reports Two Bear Attacks In Week

Romania News Front, Bear Hunting Magazine

Officials are on the hunt for a second brown bear, this one that killed a 64 year-old man in the south part of Romania yesterday, a few days after a bear with rabies was euthanized after it killed a man and injured two others in the same general area.

The second bear which killed the 64-year-old in Dambovita, had escaped from a trap before the attack. It then disappeared into the forest. Little other information has been made available as to whether the man was the one who put out the trap or just happened to be in the area during the same time.

The area near the first bear attack that occurred over the weekend, killed a 71-year-old man in his orchard and injured two other, has been placed under quarantine after an autopsy showed the bruin had rabies.

The country of Romania has nearly half of Europe's brown bears (between 4,000 and 7,000) living in the Carpathian mountains. Their laws limit hunting to just under 350 bears a year. Bears are often found rummaging in trash cans in mountain towns and breaking into apartment buildings, backyards or businesses is not unheard of.

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