Bear Killed By SUV In Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania Game Commission, Bear Hunting Magazine

Bears being hit by vehicles have been in the news many times this fall. This time, it was a 300-pound black bear in Indiana County, Pennsylvania. It was killed late Sunday in a collision with an SUV on Route 422.

Though many, who have not seen how fast a bear can run across a road, think they are easy to avoid, that is not the case. The driver of this vehicle stated that they knew it was a bear when it flashed across in front of them, but they did not even have to time scream before hitting it.

Since it was dark out at the time of the accident, it seemed to come out of nowhere. The driver was able to maintain control of the SUV even while airbags went off. No one inside the vehicle was injured.

The Game Commission stated that 27 bears were killed on roadways in the western region of Pennsylvania from May to September of this year.

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