California Woman Attacked By Bear

California Dept. Of Fish & Game, Bear Hunting Magazine

California state wildlife officials have set a trap for a black bear that attacked a woman on a hiking trail north of Ojai Friday. State policy is that when the evidence shows an unprovoked attack, that animal shall be euthanized if found. The trail was closed by the U.S. Forest Service.

The 250-pound range, cinnamon-colored sow attacked the 50-year-old woman as she was walking on Gridley Trail with her three dogs in Los Padres National Forest.

The victim was walking the trail, around seven in the morning, when she was attacked by a sow with a cub that crossed in front of her and then returned. The bear pushed the woman down an embankment and then followed her down. At the bottom, the woman played dead and eventually the bear left. The woman had injuries to her wrist and back but did not seek medical treatment.

California has confirmed 15 bear attacks since 1980. The most recent was in 2010 in Lake Tahoe. In 2008, a woman was mauled near Bakersfield.

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