Alaska Black Bear Traps Self In House Porch

Alaska DFG, Bear Hunting Magazine

An Alaskan black bear trapped itself inside an entryway porch of a Ketchikan house over the weekend. It caused more than $1,000 in damage as it tried to escape.

State troopers received a report Saturday morning that the bear was stuck in the entryway area of a house when the door to it hadn’t been properly latched when the homeowner let their cat out that morning.

It is their belief that trash in the entryway attracted the bear and once it entered, a trash can was knocked over, which shut the door behind the bear, trapping it in. At this point the bear went crazy trying to get out and left claw and bite marks all over.

When officials arrived, they used a 10-foot-long piece of wood to unlatch the door and wedge it open. Once the door was opened, the bear opened it the rest of the way and ran off. Since the bear did not eat anything and was more traumatized then anything, they do not believe it will turn into a problem bear seeking out human food.

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