WA Men May Be Charged With Illegal Hunt

Washington Fish & Wildlife, Bear Hunting Magazine

Two Washington state men may face a number of hunting citations after Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife officers found them apparently illegally hunting with two children (ages 8 and 10), one of whom was carrying a loaded shotgun as they rode in the back of a pickup truck.

WA Fish and Wildlife officers were dispatched to Capitol Forest on a report of vehicles driving in a road closure area. The officers made contact with the hunters in the pickup. The group stated they were hunting deer, but only one of the adults was licensed to hunt deer.

The father of the children stated he was bear hunting only and had a 2012 bear license. He stated that the entire group was hunting for deer except for him. He was merely acting as a guide for deer and hunting for bear himself.

After questioning the children, the Fish and Wildlife officer learned that the adult male had doused a rotten tree stump with molasses and stuffed it with apples in order to attract bears to the location. Baiting for bear in Washington state is illegal, but the children were apparently not aware of this fact.

Of of yesterday, neither of the men had been charged with a crime yet.

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