Two Alaska Men Mauled By Brown Bear

Alaska DFG, Bear Hunting Magazine

Two trappers from Anchorage, Alaska were mauled by a brown bear in a remote area of the Kenai Peninsula near Sterling last weekend. One of the men sustained severe injuries.

The two were setting coyote snares in a wooded area near the Kenai River. They were separated, but in shouting distance when one of them heard roaring and growling. He then heard the other man yell and ran to assist. At that point he saw the large brown bear on top of his friend.

The second man yelled, which then turned the bears attentions to him. He ran and went down into the fetal position. At that point, the bear swatted at him and tore at his clothes. After this occurred, the bear left and went back to maul the first man for a second time. After the bear left the first man for good, he had been bitten twice, once on the head and once on the lower body.

The second man sustained only bruises and torn clothes and was able to get the other man into their boat. After meeting up with local medics at a boat launch, the more seriously injured man was transferred to a local hospital and then on to Anchorage for the best care possible.

It is unknown what caused the attack, but the men and Alaska Fish & Game believe the bear may have been a surprised sow protecting its young. The second man went back the next day to collect their snares and noticed small bear tracks in the area. The Alaska DFG has no plans to find and destroy the bruin at this time.

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