British Columbia Couple Mauled By Grizzly

British Columbia Ministry of Natural Resources, Bear Hunting Magazine

Two hikers were saved by their neighbor after being attacked by a grizzly bear in a remote area near Kimberley, British Columbia on Sunday. The neighbor looked out his window to see a badly injured man stumbled out of the forest and across his field. At that point, the man in the field fell down. Originally believing there may have been a car accident, he realized upon arriving to the man that he had been attacked by a bear. Even with large gashes in the man's head and arms, he was able to tell the neighbor that his girlfriend was also attacked. She was found nearby with massive injuries to her head and leg.

Conservation officers stated that it appeared the two hikers may have startled a female grizzly and two cubs near a deer carcass. The sow attacked when the woman tried to run away. After chasing and knocking her down, the sow then chased the male hiker and attacked him. The grizzly then turned and re-attacked the female hiker.

Both victims (in their 60s - 70s) were badly injured and had several bites to the legs, groin, head and arms. Conservation officers trying to track the bears down but stated that they no longer appeared to be in the area.

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