PA Releases Preliminary 4-Day Harvest Info

PA Game Commission, Bear Hunting Magazine

After the fourth day of the statewide bear season a preliminary harvest of 2,639 bears has been reported by the Pennsylvania Game Commission check station reports filed.

In 2011, the four-day bear harvest total was 3,154; in 2010, which was a three-day hunt with a Saturday opener, the harvest was 2,815.

Harvest results from the early bear season, including the statewide archery bear season, will not be available until the middle of December. After the detailed report is finished, official total bear harvest results will be released in early 2013.

The top 10 bears processed at check stations, so far, all had actual or estimated live weights that exceeded 562 pounds. The largest harvested this season was taken on November 21 in Middle Smithfield Township, Monroe County with the male bruin weighing in with an actual live weight of 709 pounds.

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