Swiss Authorities Euthanize Brown Bear

Europe News Force, Bear Hunting Magazine

A brown bear was killed by authorities in southeastern Switzerland after several run-ins with residents. Switzerland and the surrounding countries of Italy and Austria have had a hard time dealing with the bear, known as M13. In recent years the bear has increasingly pushed into populated areas and shown no fear of people, presenting a major safety risk. Authorities realized he had to be put down after the bear broke into a home last November. In recent days, he had approached humans again after waking up from hibernation, officials stated.

The death has sparked a controversy with environmentalists who had even set up a Twitter account for the bear they called "Mike." The account made the bear famous across much of the area, including when he was hit by a train. But on the flip side, the bear has been known to break into beehives, one of which belonged to a school and has had a tracking device on it since June of 2012. Last year, the brown bear started a fire by knocking a tree onto a power line.

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