2012 Arkansas Bear Harvest Totaled 431

Oregon DFW, Bear Hunting Magazine

The Arkansas Game and Fish Commission heard reports at its monthly meeting that included information on the 2012 bear hunting season.

The statewide population of about 4,000 black bears is viewed as stable and during the 2012 bear hunting season, 264 males and 167 females were harvested. Archery hunters harvested 359 of that total, and 297 bears were taken on private land.

Madison, Franklin, Polk and Scott counties continued to lead the state in the number of bears harvested. Bear hunting is allowed only in certain areas of north and west Arkansas. Bears are being reintroduced into the southeastern part of Arkansas, but there is no hunting season for them at this time.

Nuisance bear calls answered by the AGFC totaled 130 in 2012, which is in the average range; the number of calls spiked to 314 in 2007.

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