Middle Georgia Hunt May Move To December

Georgia DNR, Bear Hunting Magazine

See original News Flash from January 2013 HERE.

Georgia wildlife managers, under the proposed hunting rules changes for the next two year, would move the Middle Georgia black bear hunt from November to December.

The hunt would start the second Saturday in December. The black bear hunt would remain the same in all other aspects, such as it being an open season on private land in Houston, Twiggs and Bibb counties.

Moving the hunt start date back from November to December is intended to reduce hunting pressure on female bears, who become less active later in the year as they approach denning season. The Georgia DNR indicated the change might increase cub births and survival success and said the change is “also responsive to public desires.”

Many were interested in having the hunt changed to having a quota, which would limit the number of bears harvested and require hunters to register. This, however, did not end up in the final proposal. A three-year study of Middle Georgia bears is under way in Houston and Twiggs counties. This should provide a better black bear population estimate, possibly as soon as early this summer. The results of this study will come after the proposed hunting rules are approved by the Georgia DNR board in May. The population estimate will then be able to be used in setting hunting regulations starting in 2015 for this hunt area.

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