AK Brown Bear Killed By Troopers After Attack

Alaska DF&G, Bear Hunting Magazine

A family of five from Kenai, Alaska was charged by a strange acting brown bear sow this past Sunday. The family was at Kasilof River Beach bird watching when they spotted the bear.

The 48 year-old husband and father of three young children saw the bear behaving oddly, attacking both a vehicle and telephone pole. Originally, the family saw the bear emerge from the woods about a quarter mile from them, then wandered around aimlessly. The family moved down the beach to get away from the bear.

The bear, however, circled back around them. One of the children spotted the bear coming near them so the family stood together, raising their arms and making noise to try and scare the bear away. When this did not work, the sow lunged towards them. The father, holding a tripod with a birdwatching scope, pushed against the bear with it. The bear quickly bit the scope off the tripod. The man continued to stab at the bear with the tripod, but the animal did not retreat and kept swatting at him.

About twenty seconds after the attack started, the bear turned and left. As it retreated, the bear attacked a fence post and light pole before heading back into the woods.

The family immediately called 911 and was able to get back to their vehicle. Alaska state troopers arrived shortly afterward and were also charged at by the bear. The sow was killed shortly after by the responding troopers. Officials suspect the bear was starving as they initially thought it to be between 2-3 years old, based on its size. Upon further inspection, the brown bear's teeth, which were worn down, led them to believe she was closer to ten years of age.

Despite being attacked by the bear, the father sustained only minor cuts. He was wearing thick clothing and the bear's dull teeth barely broke through his skin.

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