Ontario Man Attacked By Bear, His Dog Dies

Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR), Bear Hunting Magazine

Two women scared off a 400-pound black bear that was attacking a man after it had killed his dog and left him with wounds that needed over 300 stitches to close up.

The 30 year-old man was attacked and mauled early Saturday as he sat on the front step of his remote cabin eating breakfast. The cabin is located approximately six miles south of Cochrane, Ontario.

The man stated that the bear came out of the woods charging. His German Shepherd rushed at the bear and as the two animals fought, the man ran into the cabin and slammed the door shut, but the bear followed.

The bear started breaking out a window and chipping off wood on the side of it. Once this was broken out, the bear came through the window and the man then ran out of the cabin. After about 30 meters, the bear caught the man. The bruin knocked him to the ground and began clawing and biting.

The 30 year-old covered his head with his hands, while the bear starting attacking his back. He was screaming for help while the attach was happening and suddenly heard a car horn blaring.

The horn came from a car that was going down a nearby bush road that two women occupied. They had heard the screams and drove over to try and help. They were able to scare the bear away and transport the man, who had received serious injuries to his back and head, to a local hospital.

The two women, whom the man called "his angels", were camping nearby and happened to just be driving by at the right time. The man knows he would not be alive if it wasn't for their quick-thinking actions and ability to get him to medical help right away.

The Ontario Provincial Police and Ministry of Natural Resources responded to the bear attack immediately and were able to locate and kill the bear.

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