Nevada Bear Hunt Up In The Air Again

Nevada Dept. of Wildlife (NDOW), Bear Hunting Magazine

The Nevada state assembly yesterday passed a bill that will require a three-year suspension on black bear hunting in Nevada while the Department of Wildlife(DOW) conducts a scientific study to determine if a healthy population of the animals can be sustained in the event that a sanctioned bear-hunting season is re-instituted permanently.

SB82 was originally aimed at banning bear hunting indefinitely but has since been amended several times. See past News Flash here. Only two Assembly members spoke prior to the vote during the Assembly Floor Session.

Republican Assemblyman Ira Hansen voiced his opinions in opposition to the bill, saying that the Board of Wildlife Commissioners and NDOW have already run scientific studies of Nevada’s black bear populations and that the numbers used in past hunts were based upon those findings. “Trying to appease the people who are opposed to this hunt is pretty much impossible,” he stated. “They will never be happy, so we need to recognize that. Close this wound that keeps being reopened. Let the Department of Wildlife and the Board of Wildlife Commissioners do what they do.”

The final vote on the measure was 32-7 in favor of passage. The bill was ordered back to the state Senate for a vote on the changes made to it in the Assembly.

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