Bosnian Shepherd Kills Bear During Attack

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A 48 year-old Bosnian shepherd was able to kill a brown bear with a hand axe after the bear attacked him over the weekend. The man was attacked while guarding his flock of sheep at the foot of southern Bosnian mountain Volujak.

He was unaware of the bear until it was very close to him. The man was able to hit the brown bear in the neck with his axe. The bear then fell and the man went down with the bruin. At that point, the bear bit the man multiple times until he was able to kill the bear after hitting it numerous time with the axe.

The man suffered many injuries, especially to his left arm where he was bit multiple times. The 48 year-old was then able to call his brother who was arrived with emergency personnel.

Police are investigating the incident. The man is listed in serious, but stable condition in a local hospital. Brown bears are a protected species in Europe. Their population in Bosnia alone is estimated at between 400 and 1,200.

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