North Carolina Black Bear-1 Car-0

North Carolina Sheriffs Office, Bear Hunting Magazine
Photo Provided By NC Police

North Carolina wildlife officials stated that 250-300-pound black bear was responsible for smashing the window of a town vehicle at a residence in Columbia.

Over the weekend, at a home on Old US-64 a bear ripped off the hubcap of the car and tore through some garbage. The bear returned the next day and put its paw through a window of the same vehicle.

A Tyrrell County Sheriff responded and took some pictures of the damage. As you can see by the photo they released, the bear left paw prints down the side of the car and broke the drivers side front window out.

While bear are very prominent in Tyrrell County, officials are asking residents to refrain from putting food out, even in trash cans. They recommend putting ammonia or bleach in their trash cans to try and deter the bears.

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