Ontario Biologist Meets Persistent Black Bear

Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR), Bear Hunting Magazine

A biologist in Ontario who was surveying in the Foleyet area fended off a very persistent attack by a black bear using a repellant spray.

The incident occurred over the weekend near the Groundhog River. The actions by the bear were suppressed by the use of the spray but the bruin continued to return to the man on a number of occasions over a period of 40 minutes. The biologist was able to get to his truck without injury and reported the incident.

Officials have issued a warning to those in the Kukatush Road area in Reese Township “for work, fishing, or recreation to be particularly wary of bear activity.” Police also advise anyone venturing into the forest to exercise caution.

This bear encounter in Foleyet is the second such attack on a person in the region in less than a month. In May, a Toronto man was seriously injured when he was mauled by a black bear while staying a cabin near Cochrane. You can read about this incident in our News Flash here.

The Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR) recommends that residents be prepared when going into heavily wooded areas, including carrying bear spray, a whistle or an air horn or even a small handled axe.

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