Colorado Euthanizes Black Bear Near Paonia

Colorado Division of Wildlife (DOW), Bear Hunting Magazine

Colorado Wildlife officials shot a bear last week that killed some 40 chickens near Paonia. The estimated two year-old female black bear had killed chickens at two different farms in the area. It first go into a small chicken pen after initially being attracted by garbage the first few nights. It then figured out how to get into the chicken pen. The bear moved down the river after a few days and got into another farm's chicken pen over a six-night period. Chickens were killed each time, and officials believe the bear was taking the dead chickens down to the river bottom into the brush to eat them. Officials were able to follow a trail of feathers that led into a brush pile where the bear was bedding down during the day.

The bear was tracked using dogs that picked up its' scent at the chicken farm. The female bruin was found within 100 yards of the chicken pen. The dogs then followed the bear about three miles before it treed.

Residents are reminded to be very careful with garbage, barbecue grills, bird feeders, hummingbird and seed feeders as they are an attractant to bears. Mulch piles and compost piles will also attract bears.

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