Yellowstone Park Rangers Euthanize Black Bear

Bear Shot After Raiding Campground

Yellowstone National Park, Bear Hunting Magazine

A black bear in Yellowstone National Park that refused to leave a campground after obtaining human food was shot and killed by park staff last weekend.

The Yellowstone National Park press release stated, "It is a very rare thing for us to find ourselves in a position to do that. It is not something we do annually."

Around 3:30pm Saturday afternoon, a 142-pound adult male black bear entered the Canyon Campground and approached within six feet of a man and woman eating. The campers retreated, and the bear ate some of their food. The bear also went through the the garbage and sniffed and pawed at the couples tent. The bear then left the site and sniffed and pawed at other tents, bear-proof Dumpsters and bear-proof food storage boxes.

Park rangers responded and hazed the bear out of the campground, but it returned to the campground. Due to safety concerns for park visitors, the bear was shot and killed at about 9pm that same night.

The last euthanized black bear in Yellowstone was in 2010 when a female bruin was killed by park staff after it raided a camp near Slough Creek. In 2008 a male black bear was killed after ripping open a backpack along Hellroaring Creek.

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