2/6 Update--Products For Bear Hunters

Gary Gustafson, Bear Hunting Magazine
The Bear Bomb

Here are some products that bear hunters might want to use in 2007:

2/6/07 Alumafold has an innovative ATV trailer that black bear and deer hunters will find interesting. The trailer can be quickly disassembled and stored in the back of your pickup, right next to your ATV, and then re-assembled to haul your bear out of the woods! The trailer is all aluminum and has a 650 Lb capacity. Visit Alumafold Trailers to learn more.

USA Hunting Supplies carries some outstanding products for bear hunters. From their sow-in-heat and dominant boar bear urines, to their powerful Bruin Juice bear attractants, to unique bear calls--USA's products are worth a look. Visit USA Hunting Supplies to see their selection.

More and more bear hunters are using ground blinds to add comfort and excitement to their hunt. Eastman Outdoors has upgraded their Pro 360 Hunting Blinds and added Mossy Oak as a camouflage selection. The new Undercover Pro 360 has LeafCover 3D camouflage and improved hubs for many years of portability and use. We have used the Pro 360 and it is an excellent pop-up blind. The new UnderCover Pro 360 figures to be even better. Visit Eastman Outfitters to learn more.

The Bear Bomb--made by the folks at The Buck Bomb-- is available with sow-in-heat urine. This special formulation is targeted at spring bear hunting during the bear "rut". In northern tier states and Canadian provinces the bear rut occurs anywhere from Mid-May through the end of June and The Bear Bomb Sow-In-Heat could greatly increase your chances of successfully harvesting a large boar. Be sure to check the hunting regulations for the state or province you are in hunting in about use of urines. Visit The Bear Bomb to learn more about this exciting product!

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