2007 Wisconsin Bear Tag Lottery Completed

4,405 Tags Awarded

Wisconsin DNR, Bear Hunting Magazine

The Class A Bear drawing has been completed and the results are updated in the SCIS database. Results are posted on the DNR website Wisconsin DNR for customers to lookup themselves. Notices to successful applicants will be mailed early next week.

There were 80,213 Class A Bear license applications this year. Of the 80,213 applicants, 34,975 requested a license.

New for 2007, there is not a deadline to purchase a Class A bear license. However if someone purchases their license during the open bear season their license will not be valid until the third day after the date of purchase.

A total of 4,405 customers were successful in this year's bear drawing. The minimum number of preference points required to draw a license were:
Note: 1 person out of 945 applicants with 6 points was drawn for a bear license in zone A1. Everyone else had 7 points or more.

ZONE/ Minimum Number of Pref. Points/ Applicant Totals

A/ 7/ 1,319 winners - 496 unsuccessful
A1/ 7/ 490 winners - 0 unsuccessful
B/ 9/ 258 winners - 438 unsuccessful
C/ 4/ 337 winners - 772 unsuccessful

Note: All other winners in each zone had higher preference points then those listed above.

Total Licenses drawn:
Zone - Licenses

A - 1,680
A1 - 550
B - 615
C - 1,560

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