Possible Glacier Bear Taken In Alberta

Gary Gustafson, Bear Hunting Magazine

Lennie Rezmer--Vice President of Eastman Outdoors--was hunting in Northern Alberta with Trophy Book Outfitters in May when he took a beautiful color phase bear. An avid bear hunter, Lennie used a Darton Maverick bow and a Carbon Express Terminator arrow to harvest the animal.

Upon closer inspection, the bear seemed to have longer than usual claws, and somewhat of a hump on it's shoulders. These clues, plus its color led to speculation that the bear may have been a black bear/grizzly bear hybrid.

Conservation officers from Fort McMurray were called out to examine the bruin, and they too were stumped at some of the physical characteristics of the animal. They took a few digital photos and e-mailed them to a wildlife biologist in neighboring British Columbia. The wildlife biologist's response was "What's a Glacier bear doing that far east?"

If the bear is proven to be of the Glacier variety it would be an exciting revelation for Alberta's bear hunters. We will keep you posted on any further information that we gather about this bear.

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