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CA AB 1634 Requires Spaying and Neutering

California Houndsmen For Conservation, Bear Hunting Magazine

CA AB 1634 is an assault on hunting dog owners' rights. It seeks to remove from dog owners the right to decide IF and WHEN they will spay/neuter their animals.

This is a direct assault on the Fourth Amendment right to control one's property!

CA AB 1634 requires mandatory spay and neuter of every dog and cat over the age of four months, with fines of $500 for each non-compliant animal. There is no consideration given for the fact that some animals may be too young to spay/neuter without serious health consequences. There is no consideration given to the possibility that some non-exempted pet owners may still choose to breed their animals, or keep them intact and confined.

Lawmakers need to realize that shelter impounds have decreased just as rapidly in areas without coercive legislation, as they have in some of the areas where coercive legislation has been cited as the reason for the decrease. Mandatory spay/neuter laws are not only unnecessary, they also create long term distrust between citizens and their government.

In CA AB 1634, Exceptions are granted via intact permits ONLY for animals that are: 1) purebred and registered in state or locally approved registries, 2) trained guide dogs, service dogs or signal dogs, 3) trained law enforcement dogs actively used in law enforcement or rescue, or 4) unhealthy animals when the dog or cat owner provides a letter from a veterinarian stating that it is unsafe to spay or neuter the animal due to age, illness or poor health.

This bill would make it illegal for the average person to own an intact animal that did not fall into one of the four categories above. Enforcement decisions and responsibilities are given to the local
animal control agency. Fines of $500 would apply to each animal that is not in compliance with this law, in addition to any other fines or penalties applied by the local authorities.

Please visit the NAIA Trust site on CapWiz to send your opinion to your state senators, assembly members and the Governor. Go to and select CA from the list of states.

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